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Shawn Ankeny | Press | Ankeny Architecture and Design
View press for Ankeny Architecture and Design, located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. View articles from Interior Magazine, Homestead, and Dwell.
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Jackson Hole Magazine | Summer 2024
“Enjoy Design – Outside In”

“Outbuildings Are In”

Mountain Living | Jan/Feb 2024
“Warm and Welcoming”

JH Magazine | Winter 2024
“Winter Wonderland”

Homestead | 2023
“Simple Gifts”

Interior Design
2022 Best of Year Award Winner
“Medium Country House”

Homestead | Summer 2021
“The Space Between”

House Beautiful | October 2020
“This Jackson Hole Cottage Is the Very Definition of Fall”

Homestead | Summer 2020
“Poetry by Design”

Living North
“Intimacy in Nature”

House Beautiful | August 2019
“This Jackson Hole Guest House Is an Alpine Dream”

Dishing Jackson Hole | Summer/Fall 2018

The Family Cabin: Inspiration for Camps, Cottages, and Cabins

Mountain Living Magazine | May/June 2017

Interroir Magazine | 2016

Homestead | Issue 16

Homestead Designer Picks